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The three buzzwords: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning


Our technology base has entered the era of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. In fact, these are the latest buzzwords swirling around every sector and field. Before discussing their potential in the coming future and addressing what the hype is all about one must realize that these terms can’t be used interchangeably. While Deep learning is contained within Machine Learning, Machine Learning is contained within Artificial Intelligence. Thus, Artificial Intelligence is a bigger ball game altogether.

As per Adobe, 47% of the organizations with mature digital fronts or practices implement AI strategies.

 DL vs. ML Vs. AI

 To have a fair understanding of how each differs from other and cannot be considered the same in any manner, we can define their functionalities.

Artificial Intelligence occurs when machines exhibit human intelligence and craft a solution for a given problem. In order to achieve this, they need a defined approach where machine learning comes into the picture. Machine Learning parses the available data and learns before making predictions/solution using a defined algorithm.

At last, the approach can be implemented in real-time by using deep learning where different layers of network process different parts of a problem and brings out meaningful information.

How are these technologies impacting every industry?

Let’s begin the conversation with Deep Learning first. It can be referred to as computationally intensive technology where layers under layers together form a deep neural network and process inputs with mathematical operations. From energy market pricing forecast and self-driving cars to applying neural networks in brain cancer detection and finance, there are unlimited applications of Deep learning in the coming future.

As per a report in medium, “Deep Learning can improve earth quake predictions by making calculations better by 50,000%”.

Without realizing much, its safe to say that we are already addicted to Machine Learning applications. It’s a possibility that you are using it right now while reading this blog on social media. From adopting virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa for our day-to-day activities to using the technology for online fraud detection and customer support, Machine learning has sunk in much faster in our lives than we thought.

As per Statwolf,”Due to Machine Learning Algorithm, Netflix saved almost $1 billion. The Algorithm gives suggestion to subscribers for personalized sitcoms and movies”.

Finally, let’s take a closer look at the bigger picture i.e. Artificial Intelligence. A technology, so intense that it can mimic human interactions. It has stepped over every existing technology in the last few years and has changed the business landscape in every way. With many of the known applications, it has caused a deep impact on retail and e-commerce industry. From improving work place communication, HR management to making a difference in healthcare, logistics, and cyber security, the application is massive and endless.

As per IDC, “The amount of spending on AI globally has reached 50.1%, which shall reach $57.6% billion in the year 2021. The major investments have occurred in retail, healthcare, banking, and manufacturing worldwide”.

Thus, the technology, which was once simmering only in labs and was considered only as an imagination has now emerged as a giant. With instant solutions and unimaginable applications, there is no doubt that these massive platforms have much more to unfold in the coming years.

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Winjit launched its automated machine learning product ‘PredictSense’ at Mobile World Congress 2018, Barcelona


Winjit, a pioneer in providing smart solutions by innovating concepts based on real-time data, launched its automated machine learning product ‘PredictSense’ on 26th February 2018 at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona. Located at booth 8.1 G61, Winjit exhibited its product followed by demo sessions, which was done by Mr. Sanket Khandare, VP – Technology at Winjit.

‘PredictSense’, is an automated machine learning platform

Winjit has been catering various sectors and business verticals with its smart and innovative platforms. ‘PredictSense’ is no different and is ready to make an impact in the coming years. When it comes to developing machine learning platforms, it could be a real challenge as it demands an expert for it. From choosing the right algorithm to having an in-depth knowledge of tools and techniques, is a must. This challenge is addressed by ‘PredictSense’, which allows the developer to build easy machine learning solutions even without indepth knowledge. A developer can simply feed the data set in ‘PredictSense’ where it evaluates multiple models and deploy the top ones to get valuable insights.

Winjit offered unlimited trial of ‘PredictSense’ to concurrent users at the event to test the accurate prediction model. It also gave the users a chance to see how easy and rapid solution the model offers. While some experts who visited the booth showed interest in product’s hyper parameters tuning while others were intrigued by its visualization insights.

‘PredictSense’ is an automated machine-learning platform, which has an open API structure and high-end algorithms, which can resolve complex real-time issue in a cost-effective manner. It is an easy to use product that is customizable and with its unique feature of predictive model and easy integration in any existing or new development will revolutionize the forthcoming business investments.

Mr. Abhijit Junagade, Director & Founder of Winjit, stated how it would impact the businesses in coming years. He said, “We are very excited about the launch of our automated machine learning product ‘PredictSense’ at this remarkable event ‘Mobile World Congress’. We are looking forward to cater our services to different industries and sectors worldwide.”

About Winjit

Winjit is India’s top-notch smart engineering solutions provider. From conceptualization and optimization to cultivating real-time results, Winjit caters all. Pacing up with current trends in technology, the core prowess of the company lies in Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Block Chain & Fintech, Product Engineering and Digital Publishing.

For product details visit

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Winjit IoT Lab to exhibit at Mobile World Congress 2018, Barcelona


22nd February 2018, Bangalore: Winjit IoT Lab, a pioneer in providing smart IoT solutions by innovating concepts based on real-time data, is going to be part of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona which will take place at Fira Gran Via Exhibition Centre from 26th February to 1st March 2018.

Over the past decade, Winjit’s expert team of engineering professionals have provided innovative technology and engineering solutions that have resulted in world-class recognition.

Winjit is launching its new machine learning product ‘PredictSense’ which is an automated machine learning platform built on an open API structure using efficient algorithms. It helps you to solve complex real-time business problems with its high-power algorithms in a very less amount of operational time. It builds predictive models which in turn helps you take precise and optimum business decisions.

Winjit is also showcasing its IoT product ‘IoTSense’ which was also launched two years back in the same event: Mobile World Congress 2016, Barcelona. Since its launch, IoTSense has been the best example of how legacy devices and existing eco-system can be transformed into smarter businesses. It has won the NASSCOM Emerge 50 Award, 2017 for the Most Innovative Product and Business World Leadership & CIO Award, 2017 for the Best IoT Implementation. It is smart, secure and scalable software gateway platform which enables businesses to move from traditional technology implementation to smarter, real-time and advanced technological transformation.

Commenting on the participation & the new product launch, Mr. Abhijit Junagade, Director & Founder of Winjit said, “We are delighted to be associated with this landmark event for the past few years as it provides us with an excellent platform to launch our new products, showcase our company, our industry expertise and knowledge to the top technology trends. We are looking forward to launching our new machine learning product ‘PredictSense’ and making our presence felt at the event.”
If you would like to know more about Winjit IoT Lab, head to Hall 8.1 Stall G61.
About Winjit
Winjit is India’s leading provider of innovative engineering solutions. Our expertise lies in latest trending technologies including Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Blockchain & Fintech, Product Engineering and Digital Publishing. We provide end-to-end solutions from conceptualization and optimization to providing real-time solutions by developing software systems for any business is our forte.

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Power of Edge Computing


The internet of things (IoT) is a concept where embedded sensors present in everyday objects communicate with each other to share data, which when processed in real-time can be used to create solutions that rely on existing networks, like the internet. One of the amazing avenues that may empower the current capacity of IoT applications is the use of edge computing. Here, we describe the power and effectiveness of this method in improving the current usefulness of internet of things:

What is Edge Computing?
It is a computing concept where we may employ the available resources at the edge of a network, near the actual sources that are producing the data, especially in a cloud environment. These resources include laptops, smartphones and other networked devices. The use of the freely available resources may not be necessary in the present IoT application, but with the constantly increasing volume of IoT data, it will be important to find innovative methods for ensuring efficient performance.

The Application
The current cloud computing solutions put a direct strain on the internet resources that you have. Data and other information parameters must get transferred to the cloud and then be processed in real-time, which requires tremendous processing power. While this method is sufficient if we have limited data sources, it becomes exponentially difficult to employ when millions of sensors are integrated into a single system, and require thousands of processing threads at the same time.
Edge computing ensures that most of the data processing is already carried out near the data source and the internet is simply used as a vehicle for communicating that data. The information which is finally transferred to a cloud in an IoT solution will already be in its final form and can be directly used to find out the results that are required for an efficient IoT platform.

The Benefits
There are various benefits of using edge computing in IoT applications. The first benefit is that it certainly reduces the costs of operating a smart solution in a commercial setting. This happens because lower server resources are required to get the same task done in a reliable manner. The data management needs are reduced, producing lower operating costs with consistent use.
Another benefit is that you can analyze data in real-time at a local location. This ensures that your organizational performance speeds up with the use of an IoT application that employs edge computing. The network traffic in an IoT solution is significantly reduces, as most of the data is processed and turned into easier to transmit information.
Edge computing also ensures that you can process information locally and then implement a suitable compression format for sending information across the internet. This way, your internet connection is fully optimized and you can produce the ideal results with as little effort as possible.
Improved IoT application performance is a key benefit that should help you decide the ideal IoT solution for your business. Edge computing certainly allows you to produce IoT platforms that are customized and fully dedicated for your specific use.
With edge computing, the applications for IoT technology are countless!

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