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About PredictSense

Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers a wide variety of innovative data-driven business solutions. AI addresses challenges and opens doors to new opportunities in every field. Harnessing the power of AI and Machine Learning (ML) can transform businesses.

PredictSense is a virtual data scientist, an automated machine learning platform built on an open API structure using high-power, efficient algorithms. PredictSense helps to solve real-time complex business problems in a very less amount of operational time. PredictSense builds predictive models, which in turn enables us to make precise and optimum business decisions. PredictSense can easily integrate models developed in any existing or new development, without worrying about the underneath programming language.


PredictSense Solutions

60% faster development at 40% less cost #PredictSense makes it possible!


What’s New?

  • Project collaboration – Share, add comments and export projects with ease

  • GPU supported algorithms – Model training process utilises GPU and trainings are much faster.

  • Write custom logic using Jupyter notebook – A functionality if not found in PredictSense, user can write their own logic using Jupyter Notebook.

  • 100+ algorithms – The virtual data scientist.

  • Host multiple models in single toolkit – Can host/run multiple models in a single toolkit server(saves time and resources).

  • Schedule retraining – Enhanced scheduling of the model retraining process

  • Data drift detection – Detect change in data, for seamlessly retraining the model

  • Automatic model deployment – Can deploy machine learning model to any server(aws,azure etc) with just one click or automatically.

  • Dockerized toolkit – Can run toolkit server using docker

Enrich your business with power of automated machine learning with #PredictSense