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Data is the new oil, and Machine Learning will unlock it’s value! While developing machine learning based solutions, more than 70% efforts go into cleaning data, processing data and selecting right kind of algorithm. This is the most challenging yet an important task.

‘PredictSense’, is an automated machine learning platform built on an open API structure using efficient algorithms. It helps you to solve complex real-time business problems with its high-power algorithms in a very less amount of operational time. It builds predictive models which in turn helps you take precise and optimum business decisions.

You can integrate models developed in any of your existing or new development, without worrying about the underneath programming language. That is the reason our customers prefer PredictSense in their banking, IoT, retail and ERP applications among others.

Features of PredictSense

PredictSense Core

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What’s New?

The latest version of PredictSense is released and some of the key upgrades are:

  • Supports 50+ advance algorithms

  • Fine tune your deployed models

  • Live quick predictions

  • Prediction toolkit for easy deployment

  • Plug & play APIs to any 3rd party system


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